Banner Wrapping at Ickworth House

This project shows a complete transformation of a large room that was having to have emergency structural work carried out. The hall at Ickworth House which is a National Trust location was undergoing some work to the roof and had a mass of scaffolding which would normally render the room un-usable. Following our initial meeting we returned and took photographs of the exposed brick walls and with some clever design work and accurate measurements we mimicked these areas and printed them onto huge areas of PVC banner.

Banner Wrapping

We then hung these banners over the scaffolding, on each side of the hall, we covered the exposed ceiling and all the upper scaffolding and rafters. On completion the hall could be used again and actually staged some weddings and christmas parties. The banners were extremely effective with even the brickwork being printed at actual size. Just one example of how intelligent planning and printing can be produce fantastic results.

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