Our design department have been working hard to create a fresh new look and feel for Coastline whilst still maintaining our core values of high quality and friendly approachability.

We pride ourselves in providing a simple yet effective process in all design and production sectors that we offer. We have a passion for guiding our clients from conception to completion in the most effective ways. As the company has evolved over the years, our skills, techniques and approach to all things creative has followed; we wanted to show everyone just how much the company can now offer you and make this easier to understand.

During our re-brand process we have updated absolutely everything, from our stationery and brochures to our large format building signage and vehicle graphics. We have this fantastic website which showcases our creative yet functional capabilities on the online stage, as well as what we produce in print, sign making and vehicle graphics. We are flourishing in a world where getting your message to your audience is absolutely paramount, and we feel our new look does just that.

To celebrate our brand re-launch we welcome you to our open evening on the 11th December 2014 at 4pm, an evening of networking, complimentary drinks and a festive buffet. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to utilise our designer’s extensive knowledge in design consultancy and take your project ideas to the next level. The evening is packed full of demonstrations that you wouldn’t want to miss out on, including our production machines in action and our 3M authorised fitters showcasing their vehicle wrapping skills. We hope you come along, see first hand what we do, what we can offer and leave with more than a few ideas!

Don’t forget to look out for #thecoastlion

Coastline Business Cards Router Cut Brochure Covers Coastline Building Sign

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