Full Trailer Wrap for Clarkson, Hammond & May!

In preparation for the new Clarkson, Hammond & May Live Arena tour we were contacted to wrap their Car Transporter Lorry for some upcoming promotional adverts.

With a tight deadline, of just a few days, to meet to ensure the lorry was wrapped in time for filming we pulled out all the stops. We utilised both our large format printers which ran for a combined 16 hours through the night. It was prepped the next day and fitted the morning after that on location.

With the artwork and prints being at such high resolution the graphics look just as good up close as they do when you stand back to admire the entire trailer.

You can see the adverts on YouTube by following this link.

Clarkson Trailer 2


Tickets for the Clarkson, Hammond & May Live tour are available now at www.clarksonhammondandmaylive.com and you can see more information at their Facebook page www.facebook.com/clarksonhammondandmaylive or on twitter search for hashtag #BackOnTheRoad

At Coastline we can offer a complete service when it comes to branding and visual communication and as you can see, the size of the project or even the deadline are not issues we worry about!

If you have a project that you would like to use our services for then please get in touch

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