Weekly Wrap Up #004 19/10/18

Welcome to another Coastline Weekly Wrap Up, this week has especially been full of vehicle wraps and graphics. Here’s a select few…

Vehicle Wrapping

Honda Civic Type-R Wrap Detailing

This wrap detailing on a Honda Civic Type-R makes us of 3M 1080 Dragonfire Red, Gloss Black and Carbon Fibre wrap films.

We were given free reign with the detailing, and the end result certainly makes the car stand out from the crowd!

Vehicle Wrapping

Mitsubishi L200 Realtree Max-4 Wrap

This week we completed this full wrap on a Mitsubishi L200. This wrap uses Realtree’s Max-4 pattern.

Coastline Graphics are authorised to print a wide range of Realtree patterns for vehicle graphics, wraps, and more. Get in touch today for a quote!

Vehicle Wrapping

Nissan Leaf Partial Wrapping

This Nissan Leaf looks great with a roof wrap, wing mirror wraps, spoiler wrap and boot lid wrap in 3M’s 1080 Atomic Teal.

Our final shout out this week goes to one of our graphics fitting team, Mason, who underwent surgery today for a torn ACL.

Get well soon Mas, you’ll be back on your feet in no time! ⚽

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