Remembering World War 1

Coastline Graphics have been helping local artists mark the centenary of World War 1.

The World War 1 Trail was organised by the My WiSH Charity and Our Bury St Edmunds. The trail marks the centenary of the end of WWI. It features 18 pieces of artwork by local artists in prime town centre locations around Bury St Edmunds and finishes on Armistice Day, on November 11.

At the culmination of the trail an auction will take place to sell off all of the pieces, with the money to go to the Every Heart Matters appeal.

The stories behind the pieces tell of the grim reality of war and of life in England during WWI and serve both to engage and educate as well as take visitors around historic Bury St Edmunds.

Coastline Graphics are delighted to have designed the logo and branding for the trail. The logo portrays the war effort and shows the crucial role men, women and animals played during The First World War. The shape of the rock is the same as that used for the logo we designed for the hugely successful ‘Bury St Edmunds Wolf Trail’ in 2015, showing the affiliation between the two trails.

As well as designing the logo and branding, Coastline designed and printed leaflets featuring a map showing the locations of the 18 pieces of art.

We also manufactured a unique information plaque for each piece of art. The plaques were produced using a variety of materials to suit the different surfaces available to mount them onto. For the signs in The Abbey Gardens for example, we fabricated signs with metal spikes that could be pushed into the ground. For the artworks in the Apex we printed onto a special ‘Street Wrap’ material, laminated with anti-slip lamination and applied these directly to the pavement. For the internal artworks located in shops and restaurants we printed card inserts and mounted them in clear acrylic free standing holders.

For more information on the trail, the pieces and artists visit

What we did…

  • Graphic design
  • Large format print
  • Sign fitting
  • Digital printing
  • Logo design

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