Weekly Wrap Up #050 27/09/19

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Wrap Up. This week has been really busy preparing for the Menta Business Fair next week, here are some of the things we have been getting ready.

In-House Finishing

Business Cards

Everything we send out to customers is all produced in house, right from the design to the hand finishing. Flyers, business stationery and posters can all be laminated using our roll-to-roll laminator in a matte, gloss or soft-touch finish.

Flatbed Cutting


Using our large format UV Printer we have created these custom coasters, they were then cut using our flat bed router, which can cut almost any material to nearly any desired shape. We can cut sticker to shape, wooden panels, card, air fresheners, foamex signs and much more.

In-House Design


We pride ourselves in a having a team of experienced and talented designers who spend a lot of time and care designing for our customers. Our self promotion brochure has been designed, printed and hand finished in-house. The design is spot-on to today’s trends and really shows off the quality of our design as well as the type of work we do for our customers.

UV Printing

Display Board

At the Menta show we want to be able to show what our UV Printer is capable of. Not only will we be showing different techniques that can be achieved on the printer, but we wanted to show that we can also create bespoke display boards. Our display has been printed on Banova Plywood, printing onto wood gives a natural look as the grain can still be seen through the print. We can also put down a solid white layer of ink, which few printers are capable of.

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