Weekly Wrap Up #061 10/01/20

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Wrap Up. Here is a small selection of what we’ve been up to.

Vehicle Graphics

Ipswich Borough Council

We also fit graphics to waste collection vehicles, Ipswich Borough Council asked us produce and fit these graphics to their glass collection lorry. Using printed vinyl for the bottle design and cut vinyl for the cab logos we turned their design into reality and given the vehicle a brand new look for 2020.

Vehicle Graphics

Multimatic Engineering

Multimatic Engineering asked us to design, produce and fit some new graphics to their company van. The gloss black and light grey vinyl has created a simple yet bold design. Cut vinyl doesn’t have to be used for promos, detailed designs can also be created using block colour vinyl.

Wall Graphics

West Suffolk College

Instead of thinking about what you could attach to a blank wall to conceal it and create impact – what if the wall itself became the impact, portraying your brand and company message? We created these informative wall wraps for West Suffolk College’s Hair and Beauty Department.

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