Dealing with this outbreak and doing our part

With the current situation regarding COVID-19, life as we knew it changed. The way we perform simple daily activities has to comply with the current government guidelines and advice and we must all do our part to reduce the spread of this virus, protect the NHS and ultimately save lives. Before the lockdown, we put in place many measures to ensure the

business could continue to operate, these include many processes to enable individuals to work remotely and effectively as well as protocols to allow isolated workers the opportunity to continue working safely in our production departments.

How we can help

Here are many products that you may need to help adjust to the current situation. All of which can be customised with your unique brand, logo and colours. These include but are not limited to the following:

Printed Floor Graphics

We have a few options for when it comes to floor graphics, all of which have the required anti-slip properties to allow them to be used in public areas. Available at any size, shape and quantity these can be extremely useful at present to encourage social distancing and wayfinding around stores and businesses.


We can print posters at any size and from 1 or 2 up to large quantities. They can be on various stocks and can be either gloss or matte laminated to add a bit of extra longevity and ease of cleaning.

Posters can contain any information you require and our design team are here to help if required.


As with the posters, we can offer a full range of signage solutions to get your message across. Whether that is a ‘Hand Wash Instructions’ or a public information sign, we can make them at any size, quantity and in a material suitable for any environment.

Again our design team are on hand to assist so if you want to keep your staff or the public informed in this ever changing envrironment then why not make them look good and keep your brand consistency – it may seem insignificant but the strength of your brand helps build trust from both your staff and clients.

PPE Advisory signs

Along with a full range of visual management signs, we can offer specific signs to ensure your staff are complying with the current guidelines and advice.

These signs can be any size, and can include specific details relating to your work space. Our design team can assist in creating these.

Protective Screens

We can even provide protective hygiene screens that help provide safe working environments for staff who need to be in close proximity to the public.

This is a small selection of what we can offer. At present we are still operating, obviously the situation may change as government advice evolves but in the mean time our design team are on hand to help create anything your business needs to help you carry on during these challenging times.

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